About the Author


“We are all concerned humans, just trying to make a better future for ourselves and each other.”

This is my face, and my name is Dylan Lake.

For the longest time I thought I would be a scientist, an engineer, an inventor.
As time went on though, I learned swiftly that humanity has plenty enough toys and tech to do anything it wished to.
What we lack these days is foresight, wisdom, ethics, the reasoning behind why we do what we do.
So many needs not being met, caused by meeting wants that aren’t necessary to fulfill.

The original concept came in a dream turned day dream, turned obsession, turned almost lunacy.

Our planet is in trouble, globally, and the clock is ticking.
A threshold is being passed as you read this, the heat of our planet now thawing permafrost that contains metric tons of methane and other gases.
Once these gases leave their previously permanent containment, the problem only gets worse until there is no stopping it.

I may not be able to fix things, we might not collectively be able to change enough in time,
but what else is there to do when our efforts are in vain?

The best we can.

“Human” is about taking care of ourselves, each other, our planet, and our future.
A sci-fi adventure that begins postmortem, the after life not being so impossible after all.
A race of beings that have been here long before we have been watching our progress.
We have not disappointed, though we also have little to be proud of.
Throughout the story, alternative solutions show how they effect the future,
how everything from chemistry to politics is interrelated, the strings that control the cycles of our world being illuminated in text.

Many may be too far gone to change their ways, but for those who can and will, this is a book for them.